Frequency Asked Questions

How do you ship orders!

We generally try to fill orders within one to two business days depending on quantity ordered. Custom blending may take longer; we will provide an estimate of delivery prior to order.

Can I pick up or arrange my own shipping!

Yes. We provide several shipping options for your convenience: local pickup, arrange own shipping, LTL freight and UPS. The size of the order will dictate whether a LTL freight or UPS quote is provided.

What is the smallest quantity available for shipping?

No quantity is too small or too large. We will ship 1 gallon jugs to 8,500 gallon tanker trucks!

Do you manufacture other products not shown on your website?

We are a custom blender and manufacture well over 100 different products. If you don’t find what you need on our site then send us an email or give us a call. We also custom manufacture per your specs and application.

I am a retailer and would like to discuss private labeling opportunities.

Call our office to discuss your needs or use our contact form to request specifc requirements. One of our salespeople will get back with you as soon as possible.

How do I get a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for a DR Lubricant product?

A SDS will accompany all purchases. If you require a SDS prior to ordering, give us a call or email us.

How do I use my tax exemption (ST105) for an order?

We are happy to comply with your Tax Exemption (ST-105) form on file with our billing department. We MUST have your ST-105 form on file BEFORE we can ship your order. Please mail or email (both listed at the bottom of this page) your form prior to, or immediately following order placement, to ensure timely delivery. An editable pdf ST105 can be downloaded here for your convenience.

Viscosity Chart

Viscosity is the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow. This measurement helps to find a balance between production speed and surface quality of the work piece.

Download Chart

Educational Resources

Machinery Lubrication Educators

Noria is a good resource for education in the lubrication industry. Use the link below to visit Noria's website.

Noria Resources

Handbook of Hydraulic Filtration

Parker's Handbook of Hydraulic Filtration is a good tool for hydraulic and lubrication technology.

Parker's Handbook

Foam Solutions

Learn the causes and solutions to excessive foaming issues.

Foaming Article

Why Coolant Becomes Unusable

A good article on coolant contamination causes and remedies.

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