About Us

Hard work and integrity have gotten us here.


Dennis Reed (“DR” Lubricants) enjoyed people - all people. He never met a stranger. At a ripe old age of 10, Denny started working for his grandfather in a small grocery store separating potatoes based on size and condition. He picked up quickly on how to make precise decisions and the importance of providing good quality products at a fair price. As the economy grew, his grandfather decided to have Denny begin delivering groceries, and at the age of 12 he obtained his driver’s license (yes, age 12!) Denny delivered groceries to those with Polio and others in need. He learned at an early age to embrace people of all origins and give to others who are in need.

After he completed his military service honorably, Denny purchased a gas station and an auto repair shop, he ran his company while attending college. Denny attended Indiana Tech and then Purdue studying Chemical Engineering. Shortly after, he sold his business and started working for Rea Magnet Wire in the chemistry department.

In 1986, Denny and his lovely wife Lynn saw an opportunity to start the chemical business that they had dreamt about for years. A company in which Denny could practice the life-lessons of his grandfather and always provide more than what is expected. DR Lubricants, Inc. was born of a dream, grace of God and a whole lot of hard work.

In September 2014, Denny lost his battle with cancer, but won the award of eternal life with the Lord. Denny was very active in his faith and he touched the lives of many in such a kind, authentic and non-presumptuous manner. Although Denny is now Home, his spirit lives on through the employees at DR Lubricants. The evidence is shown by our many friends and in customers that we hold dear, also through the new acquaintances we continue to meet. Denny worked tirelessly to ingrain his grandfather’s integrity into everything we do and every decision we make.


To expand and continuously improve, utilizing professional, high moral standards that make DR Lubricants an asset to our customers.

We will achieve this by using our God-given strengths to come together as a team and assist each other to grow and profit fairly. We will treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity. We will evaluate, improve and expand to meet the ever-changing needs of our market and bring them competitive, reliable, and innovative products and services. – DR Lubricants Team 2008