SS 211

SS 211 is a semi-synthetic coolant formulated for high performance machining without the use of chlorine containing materials. It is suitable for all metals, but has been designed especially for use with aluminum. SS 211 is stable for long tank life. It resists biological growth using the newest generation chemical technology. Special lubricity agents give improved surface finish. Built in corrosion inhibitors allow for temporary, in-process rust protection, in both ferrous and aluminum applications. Rust protection may be controlled by concentration. SS 211 is clean running and leaves no sticky residue. The recommended dilution ratio ranges from 5%-10%. Concentrations up to 15% may be used, if extra lubricity is needed.

  • Appearance – Blue/clear
  • pH @ 5% – 9.1-9.4
  • Spec. Gravity – 1.024
  • Chlorine – none
  • Triazines – no
  • Lubricity Agents – yes

  • Formulated for use on aluminum. Avoids staining, and prevents white rust development
  • Suitable for use on all metals
  • Enhanced tool life
  • Extra-long sump life
  • Clean running
February 14, 2013