KO 990


KO 990 is a light colored metalworking fluid designed to provide lubrication, while withstanding high speeds and temperatures. Extreme pressure additives make KO 990 useful in high speed machining and turning centers, as well as in Swiss style screw machines. KO 990 is well suited for cutting, stamping, rolling, tapping, or drawing operations. It can be used with a wide variety of metals.

KO 990 is formulated using synergistic additives that are designed to prevent oxidation, decrease stickiness, and nearly eliminate smoke. KO 990 is made using a base stock derived from a renewable resource. The resultant product is non-irritating, and low odor. It is friendly to both the operator and the environment.

  • Appearance – Yellow/clear
  • Viscosity SUS @ 100F – 190-210
  • Specific Gravity – 0.915 g/cm3
  • Flash point, C.O.C. >380F

  • High performance machining
  • Light color, low odor, and non-irritating
  • Suitable for high speeds and temperatures
  • Utilizes renewable resources
  • Versatile applications