KO 704-L

KO 704-L is a multi-purpose cutting fluid that performs effectively in milling, tapping, threading, reaming, drilling, and sawing. It is formulated using non-corrosive sulfurized fats, neutral oils, and antioxidants. This combination of ingredients allows for use as a lube oil or cutting fluid with equal effectiveness.

APPLICATIONS: KO 704-L is widely used as a dual-purpose product in machining tough stainless, carbon and alloy steels, as well as copper alloys. It can also be used on aluminum without promoting stain. It is not recommended for use on magnesium. One of the chief advantages of KO 704-L is that it may be used as a single fluid in automatic screw machine operations. This eliminates the potential problems involved with separate fluids, where cutting oil could leak into the lubricating oil, or vice versa, causing dilution of properties and consequent reduction in efficiency and performance.

  • Dual Purpose: doubles as a lubricant and cutting fluid.
  • Economical: permits reduction in inventory by offering one multi-functional product at a reasonable price.
  • Eliminates dilution: may be used as a single fluid in automatic screw machine operations.
  • Proven Performance: prolongs tool life, improves productivity, and provides better finish on work piece.

  • Specific Gravity 0.865–0.905
  • Flash C.O.C. >340F
  • Fire C.O.C. 425F
  • Viscosity @ 100F 145-195 SUS
  • Copper Corrosion (3hrs @ 212F) ASTM 1B Maximum
  • Antioxidant Yes
  • Antimist Yes