HO 750 R&O

DR Lubricant’s HO R&O Series is a premium multifunctional industrial oil. It is suitable for use as hydraulic oil that has been formulated for rust and oxidation inhibited applications, as well as a general purpose turbine and circulating oil. HO R&O Series has excellent demulsibility and is suitable for steam and gas turbines.

DR ProductHO 100 R&OHO 150 R&OHO 200 R&OHO 300 R&OHO 500 R&OHO 750 R&O HO 1000 R&OHO 1500 R&O
ISO GradeISO 22ISO 32ISO 46ISO 68ISO 100ISO 150ISO 220ISO 320
Viscosity, SUS @ 100 F105-126149-182214-262317-389468-575709-8711047-12831533-1881
Specific Gravity0.8600.8600.8600.8600.8720.8760.8800.880
Flash Point, C.O.C. (F)>400380>400>400>400>400>400>400

DR Lubricants HO R&O series anti-wear hydraulic oils are formulated to meet the following industry specifications:
    • Appearance: Amber/Clear
    • Acid Number ASTM D 974 0.22
    • Copper Corrosion(3hr) ASTM D 130 1b
    • Demulsibity(min) ASTM D 1401 41-39-0(15)
    • RPVOT(min) ASTM D 2272 1536
    • TOST(hrs) ASTM D 943 >10000
    • Steel Corrosion ASTM D 665
    • Procedure B Pass
    • RPVOT (Mod)(GEK-32568 A) 1551