HO 1000

DR Lubricant’s HO Series of anti-wear hydraulic oils are formulated using premium grade, high quality base oils, and are designed to satisfy a wide range of hydraulic requirements. These oils provide excellent oxidative stability, and are well suited to deliver superior film strength and anti-wear performance. HO Series oils contain additives that allow the products to remain resistant to degradation and sludge formation, reduce the formation of corrosive materials, cope with moderate water contamination, and provide quick air separation, reducing the problems associated with excess foaming.

DR ProductHO 150HO 200HO 300HO 500HO 750 HO 1000
ISO GradeISO 32ISO 46ISO 68ISO 100ISO 150ISO 220
Viscosity, ASTM D 445
cSt @ 40 C
Viscosity, ASTM D 2161
SUS @ 100 F
Viscosity Index (Min)
ASTM D 2270
Specific Gravity @ 15.6o C
ASTM D 1298
Flash Point oF (Min)
ASTM D 92-05a
 Pour Point, oC (Max) ASTM D 97 -20-20-20-10-20-10
 Copper Strip Corrosion
(Max) ASTM D 130
1b 1b1b1b1b1b
 Oxidation (Hours, Min)
ASTM D 943
>4000>4000 >4000>4000>4000>4000
 Color (Max) ASTM D 15002.

DR Lubricants HO series anti-wear hydraulic oils are formulated to meet the following industry specifications:

DenisonHF-0Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid for use in in Axial Piston and Vane Pumps
HF-1For use in Axial Piston Pumps
HF-2Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid for use in Vane Equipment
Vickers (EATON)M-2950-SAntiwear Fluids for Mobile Systems
I-286-SAntiwear Fluids for Industrial Systems
Cincinnati-MachineP-68 ISO 32Light Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
P-70 ISO 46Medium Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
P-69 ISO 68Heavy-Medium Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
DIN 51524Part 2Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
General MotorsLS-2Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
AAMA51524 (ii)Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
German Steel
IndustrySEB 181222Static Equipment
U.S. SteelNo. 126 & 127Extra-Dry Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
U.S. Steel No. 136Extra Duty Circulation Oil
General MotorsGM LS-2Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
Bosch RexrothRE 90 220(formerly Mannesman Rexroth)
SAEMS 1004
AFNOR NF 48-603HMGeneral Industrial Hydraulic Systems
Part 1HRStatic Equipment with Improved Viscosity/Temperature Properties
HVMobile and Marine Hydraulic Equipment
HHLow Pressure Circulating Systems
HLStatic Equipment
HGHydraulic System with Improved Anti-Stick/Slip Properties

Characteristics are typical of current production. Production will adhere to specifications; however, variances in typical characteristics may occur. Based on available information, the products described above are not expected to adversely affect the health of an individual when used for the intended purpose, and in accordance with the recommendation on the MSDS. DR Lubricants is a custom blender of a wide variety of lube oils, cutting oils, coolants and cleaners. Alternate ISO grades are available upon request. Call us today for your special blending needs. Rev. August 2012