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EP 220 GO


Gear Oils

DR Lubricants EP gear oils are premium extreme pressure gear lubricants designed to provide excellent load carrying capacity, oxidative stability, corrosion protection, and water tolerance. They are formulated to meet the following typical properties.

DR ProductASTMEP 68 GOEP 150 GOEP 220 GOEP 320 GOEP 460 GO
ISO GradeISO 68ISO 50ISO 220ISO 320ISO 460
API GravityASTM D287 30.027.827.226.625.7
Viscosity, Kinematic   
cSt @ 40 C
ASTM D44568150220320460
cSt @ 100 FASTM D4458.614.819.424.230.9
Viscosity IndexASTM 2270>95>95>95>95>95
Flash Point oC (Min)ASTM D92210238243249257
Pour Point °C (Max.)
ASTM D97-21-18-12-9-9
Copper CorrosionASTM D130PassPassPassPassPass
Steel Corrosion (Synthetic Sea Water)ASTM D665BPassPassPassPassPass
Extreme Pressure Properties
Timken OK Load, lbASTM D2782 7070707070
Four Ball;LWI/WELD Load kgfASTM D278350.7/25050.7/25050.7/25050.7/25050.7/250
 Antiwear Properties
4-Ball Wear Scar Dia. mm
Conditions: 1800 RPM, 20kg, 54oC, 60 min.
ASTM D41720.
FZG Passing StageASTM D51821212121212
Oxidation Stability, Viscosity IncreaseUSS 224 0.9%0.9%0.9%0.9%4.1%
Conditions: 321 hrs @ 121 OC, 10 Liters, Air/hr
 Water Separability (40/40/0 (15))ASTM D1401PassPassPassPassPass

Characteristics are typical of current production. Production will adhere to specifications; however, variances in typical characteristics may occur.

Based on available information, the products described above are not expected to adversely affect the health of an individual when used for the intended purpose, and in accordance with the recommendation on the MSDS.

DR Lubricant’s is a custom blender of a wide variety of lube oils, cutting oils, coolants and cleaners. Alternate ISO grades are available upon request. Call us today for your special blending needs.

Rev. March, 2017