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FC 938W-LF

FC 938W-LF Cleaner is a high performance general purpose alkaline cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy soils from room temperature to high temperatures. FC 938W-LF is low foaming, making it suitable for dip tank and spray cleaning operations as well as floor cleaning. Special wetting agents and surfactants loosen and suspend oil soils from cutting, lubricating […]

KO 447-3

KO 447-3 is formulated using synergistic additives that are designed to enhance lubricity and provide excellent film strength. Its unique chemistry allows this product to be used as an EP boost for existing oils. This lower odor fluid provides for a pleasant work environment. KO 447-3 contains active sulfur and is not recommended for copper […]


OIL DRI Absorbent floor spill dry/cleaner.

SO 22

DR Lubricant’s spindle oils are designed for the lubrication of high speed components in high-speed machine operating systems. These oils are formulated to provide premium antiwear and oxidation inhibition in a highly lubricative base oil. As light viscosity oils, they provide quick coating of metal surfaces and easy oil flow, which allows for efficient heat […]

RP 1298-4

RP 1298-4 is a water displacing corrosion inhibitor. It is no-staining and non-emulsifiable. RP 1298-4 is based on high molecular weight hydrocarbons and organic metal salts. The synergistic effect of these components gives excellent protection to metal surfaces, both ferrous and non-ferrous. By adding light spindle oil, a non-drying film will be produced. When using […]

MC 1062

MC 1062 is designed to clean machines, lines, tanks, and all associated equipment that have collected contaminants in the form of various soils, water insolubles, metallic fines, grits, and bio-films. It is strongly recommended that machines and systems are properly cleaned prior to charging with fresh coolant. If machines are free of dirt and bacteria, […]

SYN 450

SYN 450 is a coolant formulated to perform a variety of machining operations. It is well suited to high agitation applications because of it’s low foaming nature. Typical in-use concentrations range from 5% to 15%. Tough jobs may require higher concentration. SYN 450 resists biological attack and is formulated to provide excellent rust protection. It […]

KO 990

KO 990 is a light colored metalworking fluid designed to provide lubrication, while withstanding high speeds and temperatures. Extreme pressure additives make KO 990 useful in high speed machining and turning centers, as well as in Swiss style screw machines. KO 990 is well suited for cutting, stamping, rolling, tapping, or drawing operations. It can […]

KO 446-DP

KO 446-DP is a dual purpose oil formulated for machine lubrication and metalworking. It is dark amber in color and has a mild odor. The high levels of lubricity additives extend tool life and provide for an extra smooth finish. KO 446-DP is non-staining to brass and copper. This fluid keeps machine operations clean while […]

WO 300-NT

WO 300 NT is a premium slideway lubricant designed to provide excellent stick slip, antiwear and EP performance. Special additives allow for exceptional thermal and oxidative stability. WO 300 NT is formulated to meet Cincinnati Machine P-47 and GM LS-2 requirements, along with providing excellent filterability and demulsification. These same performance characteristics give it the […]