Specially- formulated cleaners for floor care to machine & process cleaners.

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FC 938W-LF

FC 938W-LF Cleaner is a high performance general purpose alkaline cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy soils from room temperature to high temperatures. FC 938W-LF is low foaming, making it suitable for dip tank and spray cleaning operations as well as floor cleaning. Special wetting agents and surfactants loosen and suspend oil soils from cutting, lubricating […]


OIL DRI Absorbent floor spill dry/cleaner.

MC 1062

MC 1062 is designed to clean machines, lines, tanks, and all associated equipment that have collected contaminants in the form of various soils, water insolubles, metallic fines, grits, and bio-films. It is strongly recommended that machines and systems are properly cleaned prior to charging with fresh coolant. If machines are free of dirt and bacteria, […]